Mary Ritz: Customer centricity: The human element as a core business driver

Matt Abrahams: Minimally viable communication: When good enough is great

Laura Sicola: Speaking to Influence: Debunking the 55%-38%-7% Myth

Markus Rach: Case Study: How trust-based leadership enabled brand growth on TikTok

Maya Thomas-Fernandez: Be equipped: Tools for difficult conversations

Erdogan Koc: If your people compete you can forget cooperation

Helen MacLennan: Incivility and negativity spiral: Revamping your organizational culture

Tolgay Kizilelma: How to deal with VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) via change management frameworks

Karen A. Holbrook: Ethical leadership in a digitalized, cyber-physical world?

William Foote: Neither beast nor god: Discernment as a model of ethical decision making

Peter D. Lucash: Decisions fast and slow

Christina Dimitriou: Ethical leadership: The key to the success of any organization

Marilyn Johnson: Building an effective supplier development program

Vanessa Hintz: The role of empathy in racial justice and healing: Strategies for inclusive leadership

Tracy Kizer: DEI: The Positive-Sum Game

Karl Moore: Introverts, ambiverts and extroverts as excellent leaders

Divya Prabha Chinnadurai: “Want a thriving workplace?” Focus on generational differences

Moderator: Deanne Williams Bryant: DEI: As a core value of Leadership, amidst pandemics and uncertainty

James J. Cochran: Inclusive Leadership Across Cultures

Nestor Guimaraes: The importance of leadership for innovation at the project and organization levels

Nomita Sharma: Management of innovation in the pandemic times

Jennifer Trout: Extended reality to help build leaders

William Swart: Developing leadership skills for the knowledge-based economy

Mansoor Soomro: Leading in the age of open innovation

Phidelia Johnson: How to balance work-family life

Vidya V.: Compliment the binaries: Work & family life

Deborah Bowen & Adam Shoemaker: Working from home or sleeping at work: Quality of work-life balance during and after a year of isolations

Benjamin Kutsyuruba: Positive leadership for flourishing: The roles of purpose, presence, passion, and play

Leonardo Aureliano da Silva: Self-development: Possibilities of learnings and international network during Covid-19

Giulia Napolitano: Embrace the obstacles you face to outgrow your potential

Suhas Rao: Resilience hacks for leaders

Dawit Rumicha: Social Change In Healthcare: Igniting A Movement

Lauren & Candice Henry: Building an unshakable success mindset

Ann Hiatt: Bet on yourself